About us

Our company

WOLF BEST PRICES, LLC is a Limited Liability Company, legally incorporated under the laws of the United States, fiscal domicile at: 9937 SW 154th St, Miami, FL, 33157, USA, which makes available to the general public the online shopping website www.wolfbestprices.com which is its property, and in which it offers and markets various products and services in existence, with the particularity of ensuring, as far as possible, the lowest price in the e-commerce market at the time you make your purchase.

It arises from the need to satisfy a very particular e-commerce sector, which has as its essential objective the sale of goods through established online platforms and with a large number of potential buyers, which allow its users to have a seller's account and offer their products. However, this sector, very well identified, has many difficulties to access merchandise at a very low price and then put it on sale on the platforms to which it is associated and get their profits, investing a lot of time and resources in that work.

In this way, our company is given the task of making the constant search for that merchandise and offer it on our website, at prices that are still very profitable to the sector mentioned above. We also provide invaluable advice in your decision process, by providing very important and updated information about the products offered. And to complement, we have a first level logistics service, the WOLF PREP CENTER, which allows our customers to enjoy the service of packaging and shipping to the corresponding trading platforms.

To access these and many other benefits, you just need to obtain one of our Memberships and enjoy the experience at www.wolfbestprices.com, because we are 24 hours online, every day, at your service.

But in addition, the general public that does not wish to affiliate to our Membership program, will find in our online store many products that can satisfy their personal needs and at really incredible prices, being able to verify their relation with the prices that are offered in other platforms.

Our goal is to become one of the best online shopping destinations in the United States and the world.

Our Philosofy

Thinking of the customer as the main object of the work to be done and offering very competitive prices for all products offered, is the philosophy of our company, the most important thing in daily work.

We aim to help customers at all times to make their experience on our website as pleasant as possible. We assist you in your purchasing decisions, we offer detailed information on each product, we have secure and reliable payment methods and we have the firm purpose of delivering your order on time, in addition to maintaining after sales assistance, as required by the customer.

The inclusion of our logistics service through the WOLF PREP CENTER is the ideal complement that you need to round off your business experience with us. Live the unique experience of shopping at www.wolfbestprices.com and enjoy our personalized advice at all times.

Our Team

The WOLF BEST PRICES, LLC team is made up of young entrepreneurs with an infinite desire to work, an eagerness to satisfy their customers and establish an online e-commerce community, based on good behavior and loyalty.

Every customer who comes to our site and acquires one of the memberships that are offered, will have at their disposal the constant assistance of our team, which has the necessary experience and enough to meet their needs. Each piece of advice we provided can mean a plus in your business strategy and save you a lot of time.

In our site, www.wolfbestprices.com, you will find the necessary raw material to make your investment grow or if your purpose is to acquire a product for your personal consumption, you will also be able to obtain them at very competitive prices and fulfill your expectations.